What’s that got to do with it?

Well for starters, I’m much more complex than a polywavelength adapter. [she rests her head in her hand ]

I don’t see what my inability to put one together has to do with anything, though.

Well how would you know if I was wonderfully put together if you can’t put something together?

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Call my muse a “Failure” see how they react

++ Displaced


Gabriel became uneasy, not that he wasn’t already. The blonde pursed his lips together, he was a time agent, he was supposed to be undetectable, invisible, that was his job. He wasn’t very good at this on his own, he had a partner once, but how she disappeared, wasn’t something he was willing to talk about. He straightened himself up, the look in her eye was one that his mother had given him before, not very often, but when she did, it sent chills down his spine. 

The word time traveler played again in his head, there was no use in denying it, especially if she was a time traveler herself. Or a former time traveler. He didn’t speak, he just stared at her, this was his first encounter with someone who knew what he was, or at least what a vortex manipulator was, they were definitely hard to come by if you weren’t in the Time Agency, but even then the time agents were getting fewer and fewer and he was bound to be next “Lady” he repeated, trying to sink this moment in.

Gabriel hesitated when she grabbed his wrist, the time it had been set to was the 42nd century, well sometime after he left, he wanted to see his family again, but little did he know that they weren’t alive anymore, they were shortly killed after he left and the reasons why or by who wouldn’t be revealed.

The more he thought of the word time agent, the worse it sounded, but he wasn’t going to let some stranger change his mind. “Fine. What are you?”


Curiosity got the best of her. Eyeing the creature, she normally stayed out of it. Timelines and fissures tended to make the world such a difficult place. Knowing everything was a burden and keeping secrets was a hard earned trade. The moment she touched his wrist her fingers hand woven into the timelines. Comptuerized brain shifting through the timelines that Gabriel stepped on. The strings all pulling from his chest and she saw things that he didn’t know. Things that he deserved to know. But things her word could not describe

She did not like being the messenger of death.

The gold flickered in the cerulean gaze but left so quickly as it came. Her fingers curled into a fist and held to her chest as she watched him. So far from home and now so alone. Her matrix sang for him. Tempted to disrupt the vortex manipulator so it would never return to that time…to his home. So he would never see. But he had to see. An old voice whispered. She swallowed and snapped her attention back to the game at hand.

“I’m a Time Machine.” she replied very faintly. Still shaking the visions of the murdered family from her mind. “More commonly called a TARDIS.” she tried her best to smile, chuckle even. But the smile was only skin deep. The ancient eyes held sorrow, how she desired to calmly rest a hand upon the boys shoulders. 




Lady felt a wave of uncertainty, he was dirty, Gallifrey knew where he came from. But he seemed harmless. She had seen wars. She had seen men in the trenches covered in filth and honestly that’s what he looked like. A man out of a trench. She smiled faintly, looking a the sun. “Hello Edgar, my name is Jane.” she said, in her gentlest tone. “You’re in a little bit out of London.” she replied, gently advancing, “Would you like to come inside, have something to eat?” 

"London?" London, that was a place, it was in…England, yeah. The Snowpiercer traveled through there, he was pretty sure. He was about to ask how he was in London when London was frozen over when she mentioned food.

He was actually a little bit hungry, somehow.


She heard the door open from the porch, noticing her eldest child watching from the crack. She didn’t need to glance over her shoulder to see it. She could feel the eyes watching her. She shook her head. Curiousity ran in the family, at least in a nurtured sort of way. She smiled at Edgar, gesturing toward the house.

“Come along then, dear…we’ll get you something to eat… help you find your way, yes?” she whispered, keeping her voice gentle. The woman stepped toward the house, letting Edgar move at her own pace. She opened the door, only to hear the patter of Rose Marie’s feet down the hall. “We have guests.” she called after her, narrowing the eyes at the girl.

++ Similarities


He paused, considering her words. So.. she was a Tardis as well? That would explain the headache he got. Two powers such as theirs in proximity to each other was bound to make reverberations. 

A faint smile touched his face. Another of his kind… Never had he met one face to face, and now that he had, it was quite simply overwhelming.


"My name is Memory." he said. Once the words were spoken, he clamped his mouth shut, for fear a thousand questions would spill out all at once. But she was the elder and the higher rank here. She was the one who would ask questions or permit them to be asked.

He was much taller than she, tilting her head up, the small framed woman still held a presence that conquered sky scrapers. She watched him, trying to figure out if the capsule was friend or foe. Not many Gallifreyans she came across were very friendly. Looking for the Doctor for all the wrong reasons, but still…She opened her mouth, tongue clicking on the roof of her mouth. She wasn’t a military model, but she was, quite often, the senior. My she was old.

“Memory…” she cocked her head to the side in a more playful and childish manner. Her true nature slithering through the tough exterior. “Well, Memory…it looks like you’ve got a lot on your mind.” she could see it, tip of his tongue, brimming full in his eyes. “Would you like to join me for a cup of tea?”

Two have lost their way




He held him ” he looks like you do you mind if i ask where the father is ” he said making silly faces and playing with the child ” i am sorry if i am strange it is just that i am not used to this lifestyle “ 

“At work.” she replied quietly, more inten on watching the stranger handle the boy. Anthony was the best judge of character if any. He was pure of heart in every way. Much like his father and wise like his mother. Sharp as a knife this one. He didn’t seem immediately off put by the Gallifreyan, and Lady seemed to be at ease.

“We were never meant to live this life style.” she replied absently, “We’re far too fast paced, instant gratification. It takes a lot of humbling to get here. But it’s not impossible.” she looked at her son, who was trying t omimic the man’s faces.

“What do you need?”

Jon laughed as the kid mimiced his face ” you got a great kid and don’t let him every go to war or become a solider like me … how did you meet his father is he human or something else “ 

Don’t let him go to war.

The woman’s gaze drifted from the faces of her son and the stranger to the sky outside the window. War was inevitable. It was hard to escape a war that was about you in the first place. She turned her attention back, “His father?” she seemed out of it, drawing back to the present, “Ah, he’s an Angel…human vessel I suppose, but an Angel.” she smiled faintly, “We were friends, he saved my life several times…”




I think you’re wonderfully put together.

[ she narrows her eyes at him in a playful manner ] Says the man who can’t put together a polywavelength adapter.

What’s that got to do with it?

Well for starters, I’m much more complex than a polywavelength adapter. [she rests her head in her hand ]




Another zine picture. Bet you can’t place all the Doctors and Masters (yes you can it’s really not hard at all.)

That one Master with the red hair and the Union Jack tie is pretty hard to place, but he seems to be the Gatiss!Master from the Sympathy for the Devil audio story. The one in the cowl and the gold mask at the very back is apparently appeared under the alias Mr Seta in Dust Breeding, another audio story. The rest though I’d think most of us could place with no trouble at all.

MR SETA OMGOMG L¤U¤L srsly though this is the Master who gets crisped AGAIN by an evil possessed painting (Edvard Munch’s The Scream, jsyk) buit because this is effing Ainley!Master he decides to wear like golden diamond studded masks and hella fab clothes and oh bby :’DDD