[ — somewhere Lady can hear in the distance Crowley screaming about her letting strangers hold Anthony ]

++ Displaced


Gabriel was deep in thought, examining his time vortex manipulator, it was so shiny and so…new. He hadn’t time travelled for long but having two parents who were time agents, all of this wasn’t very new, well it’s not like he had time travelled for that long, he still got nausea and that wasn’t something he liked. He looked around “London?” he tapped his manipulator “I wish that this damn thing would tell me which era I am in, more importantly the month, the day, the place and the ye-” but before he could mumble anything else, he was rudely interrupted “excuse me?” he looked at her bewildered “it’s not for sale” Gabriel said sternly but it didn’t even come across him that she knew what a time vortex manipulator was, frankly he couldn’t careless, he was tired and probably was in the wrong year….again.


Not for sale. Yes of course it wasn’t but at least she was being polite about it. She pursed her lips, the small framed ginger wasn’t very threatening. To be honest she wasn’t very threatening at all even though she was a cosmic being. She was only as terrifying as an angry house wife. The time machine’s arms crossed and her foot tapped lightly. She gave him a moment of pause between his answer and her next action.

She reached out, touching his shoulder with the gentlest of touch. But before he could ask her why or throw her off they were no longer in the market in the center of London. They were in a field, flowers and tall grass surrounding them. She dropped her hand. “I wasn’t asking, my child.” she gestured to the device. “Those will kill you, you know.”



Edgar froze. He wasn’t sure how to react. The woman walking down from the porch looked…well, clean was the best way to describe it. Clean in a way he normally wouldn’t trust, because only the Front Enders were clean. But she also felt like someone he could trust. Despite the lack of grim on her face and the brightness of her clothes, she had this look, like she was someone who’d been through hell before. Like someone who could understand.

"I…I don’t know," he said quietly. He kept his distance, for now. "I don’t know where I am." I don’t even know if this is real.

He looked like a startled deer. Frozen to the bone, dirty, and frightened. She raised her hands. The woman in the deep blue sun dress let the material collect at her feet as she released it. Plams up, showing she was no harm. “Easy darling…” she said very softly, blue eyes looking for wounds, injuries, not people traveled through the cracks and well…survived. But there were…cases. “My name is Lady…what’s your name?” she asked gently. Perhaps addressing where they were would be better delt with once she figured out exactly where he was from.

But she knew that look. That terror was very specific…

“No one is going to hurt you…” she said very gently, “You’re safe.”

Two have lost their way


"I think i am i have only meet a few during my travel that i have interacted"

“They say…” the woman rose, holding a hand for the other to wait as she left the room. However her voice carried from down the hall, “That children are the best judge of character. That they know not of your ill deeds, you past, but they truly judge on how you appear to be as a person…your soul is on trial, young man.” she carried the two year old into the room. Bright blue eyes like his mother, bleach blonde hair like his father once had. “Pure of heart.”

“Would you like to hold him?” it wasn’t really an offer. The small toddler looked interested in the other all ready. The bright blue eyes looking over the man. The small boy uttered something in Gallifreyan, Stranger. And looked to his mother. “Yes, he’s our guest.” Our guest. The boy repeated in english, turning back to the other.

++ Similarities

Born. Bred. Made.

The TT Capsule creations were always bizzare everyone had a different story of how they found their voice and legs. Some conventional, like Marie who was built a Type 103. Her mate was a 105. Then there were types like Lolita, transformed, evolved. Her other counterparts, ranging from…Flesh to Type 103s themselves. She, more importantly, related more to Compassion. Far more organic than necessary. But still a machine. Still…a TARDIS.

Which made it very easy to pick him out. She had been out of the game for quite some time. She hadn’t seen her fellow time machine’s [ aside from Marie ] since the great time war. They were all dead as far as she had known. But that rattling in the back of her skull told her otherwise. Informed her to look up from her shopping and find him. Unnatural blue eyes shifted across the market, looking lost as she searched for the soruce of her aching head. A single hand came to her forehead, pushing back the ginger locks.

“It’s not nice you know.” she spotted him, majestic woman moving forward toward the creature, “Dropping in unannounced.” she scolded, playfully, jokingly.




“Hello, yourself.” the woman can’t hold back the smile, it’s contagious. Always had been. Makin’ people smile with that dorky look on his face. She lowered her gaze, “Business or pleasure, my dear?” she asked gently.


“Oh I don’t know?”

The woman cocked her head in confusion before throwing it to the side in a short laugh.

“You don’t know, dear?”

++ A Favor

She knew different timelines had different effects and different things happened differently. She was aware of that and it was always evident to her. She met Thieves and Companions that were all the same yet all different. But they – most of the time – were still the person she knew and cared for. This was no different situation. She knocked lightly at the door, inviting herself in after a moment because it was habit. Lady never did well with waiting since she got legs. She had waited her entire life. She had been the queen of waiting. Patience was a virtue but once you had a way to move…it was much different.

“Winter, dear.” she called out calmly. She needed help. It was important. And Winter was the woman perfect for assisting her.

++ Dine out

It was hard enough to get him to eat anything substantial. But the TARDIS wasn’t moving and he probably knew exactly why. The ginger woman was standing by the door, tapping her foot with the utmost impatience. She wasn’t backing down, he knew how stubborn she could be and this wasn’t any different. It could be something as simple as saving a planet, washing windows, or eating. When the woman in blue got her mind set on something it was final. No arguments. No adjustments. No deal making.

Her arms were crossed firmly against her chest and she watched him, “I’m not moving, we’re not moving.” she spoke, the mothering practically dripped over her tone. “You’re going to have a nice sit down dinner eat something that’s not coffee or tea and we’re going to have a nice lovely chat about things and be boring. “ When she talked the ginger curls loosened and she looked back at him. They had a lot to talk about, lots. 


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